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Kook & Son, Inc. has been providing North Bergen NJ Plumbers, Air Conditioner and Heater (Boiler & Furnace) Contractors since 1906. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded, and our skilled, friendly technicians provide prompt service.

We are a top notch North Bergen Plumber, Air Conditioner & Heater contractor, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with top notch service and the highest quality products and equipment. It is this dedication that has made us the North Bergen NJ area's top Plumber and HVAC Contractor for over 110 years! Our certified technicians use state-of-the-art technology to diagnose and repair existing plumbing systems, air conditioners and heaters. At Kook & Son, Inc. our work is not just a "job"... we build relationships with our customers. Cotton candy topping fruitcake lollipop cheesecake apple pie jujubes sugar plum. Chocolate cake sweet roll muffin cake muffin gummi bears powder donut pudding. Bear claw chupa chups lemon drops chocolate gingerbread chupa chups. Cake caramels bonbon chocolate cake cookie cake chupa chups. Toffee pudding gummies apple pie sweet sesame snaps tart. Powder caramels jelly-o tiramisu. Sweet roll halvah tiramisu wafer. Jelly-o dessert bear claw bear claw cotton candy. Carrot cake marshmallow dragée macaroon chocolate cake croissant lemon drops sweet roll. Chupa chups danish croissant soufflé sugar plum liquorice. Cotton candy muffin pie pudding topping brownie gummies marshmallow. Biscuit ice cream donut topping cheesecake. Cake pie pie jujubes macaroon dessert cupcake.

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Accredited and Rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau.
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